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Our Tiffany Chairs

Made of Quality Wood

+ Made of Wood
+ Extra stability support
+ Good quality paint and maintained
+ Feels and look better
+ Thicker cushion used with good condition inners


Made of metal, plastic or lousy wood

- Made of Wood, Metal or other materials
- Shaky, wobbly, bad balance
- Paint chipped off, not maintained
- Looks plasticky and artificial
- Thin or stained cushion covers, with bad or old cushion

Our Maintenance

As we're in the rental business, maintanence of our equipments are the MOST important aspect, making it look good like new is vital for our customer's enjoyment. Our Tiffany Chairs are checked and maintained after each rental, we will re-touch on chipped paints and clean/detox our cushion. The next time you rent it, it will look fresh again. Should there be any defects found, we will immediately do an exchange it for you.

Stability of our Chairs

Having the correct ratio and proportion helps create a better, stable Tiffany Chair. Having bad materials used and bad/broken legs will end up having a rock-a-dizzy chair, which we dread. Bad/broken chairs are replaced and fixed at our factory.

Quality of our Cushions

If you didn't know, there are ALOT of different cushions and cushions cover available. We've picked the best and comfortable cushions to be used on our Tiffany Chairs. A good cushion helps to support your body well through-out the event, your guests will leave feeling relieved. Anti bacterial agents are also applied to the cushion covers of our chairs.